What is DiMMfx?
DiMMfx is a group of hard working, skilled artist ready to use their ability to create anything they set their mind into. No dream or idea is to much for this team to handle.

Who is part of DiMMfx?
DiMMfx consist of 2 main creators, along with a side team of 6 other talented individuals.
Go to the About page for more information

What is our goal?
Our current goal is to become a stable and reliable studio to move forward with our big scaled projects.
Our long term goal is to reach an area in life where we are capable of helping any individual with their dreams and ideas.

What happened to the old DiMMfx team?
Our old team used to consist of Mali, [Now founder of Hyper Gauge and OMM] Derek, [AKA Spritefan2] and Vash.
As of now Vash is the only original DiMMfx memeber.

Are you guys still working together?
Of course, we stay in touch and we help each other out on what ever we can, when ever we can. If an opportunity comes when we are capable of getting back together and work on something we might just do it. Who knows its up to everyone.

So whats your next project what are you guys working on?
We are currently working on multiple Music productions along with music videos.
As well as working on making several games and short films for yall to enjoy.

Awesome, that all sounds great but when will it be out?
As of right now we can’t be specific with our releases but we are going to soon be
working to get more consistent projects uploaded. Big update to come this next month